Take a Vacation! It’s Good For Your Marriage
Summer is getting into full swing! The kids are out of school. The weather is warmer. Actually, the weather is HOT! It has already reach 100 degrees in  Kingsburg, CA. I am grateful when we make time to spend together as a family and escape this heat!

Are you planning to get away this summer?

I hope so! Taking a vacation is good for your marriage! There are a lot of good things about vacations. It’s important to get out of your usual routine and rest. It’s also time to make extra effort to focus on the relationships that matter most and create memories with those special people.
I have worked with a lot of couples over the years and almost every time they come back from vacation, they tell me they are doing better. At first this surprised me. I kind of thought they would come back fighting more. After all, more time together means more time to annoy each other, to argue or to feel overwhelmed with the kids. I thought they might get frustrated when the flight got delayed or there was a miscommunication about who was making the dinner reservation. That’s not what usually happened though. They often come back a little more connected and reporting a week of less fighting and more hope.

Vacation can help you reconnect!

Now, I’m not saying a vacation will “fix” your marriage. However, I am saying that it can put a little spark back in. It can help you remember the good times, while making new memories of more “good times.” I’m not even saying to take a vacation without the kids. (Although those are great when you can!) Just get away from usual life and enjoy your family. When you are relaxed you are able to set aside some of the issues and enjoy each other. You are also in a better place to have a rested, calm conversation about the issues if you decide you want to tackle that. Vacation can give you the time and energy to reconnect with each other.

So, make sure you find some time to get away this summer. Fly somewhere, go camping or have a “staycation,” but do something to spend time relaxing and enjoying your family. Try to have some real time away, but also enjoy some “mini” getaways and let yourself forget about the usual routine and responsibilities. Savor the summer moments by enjoying the moment you are in. Sit on the patio and watch the kids play. Go on a family bike ride. Walk to the park. Focus on each other and having fun together.
Please check out How to Take a Vacation that Will Enhance Your Marriage for some family vacation tips.
If your marriage needs more help than a vacation, please connect with me.

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