Stress and Anxiety and Depression! Oh My!

Stress and Anxiety and Depression! Oh My!


With greater everyday demands and faster moving lifestyles, it can be hard to keep up and keep it together. As the stresses of life become bigger, it can be difficult to find time for yourself, let alone find time to take care of your mental health.


It can also feel overwhelming to start the process of caring for your mental health and to weed through all of the options. Some may find that traditional talk therapy works best for them. Others may choose to practice yoga or meditate. And still others may find that a good talk with a trusted friend seems to be the right medicine.


For those who may not be ready for traditional talk therapy or who feel as though their usual methods are no longer working, Brain Paint can be an effective option. Brain Paint can help with a variety of symptoms and mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, and stress.


The Effects of Stress

Stress is physical, mental, and/or emotional strain on the body. Shorts periods of stress can be helpful and motivating. However, prolonged stress can create tension within the body that is felt physically and emotionally. This tension can lead to frustration and heighten or cause anxiety and depression.


What does Anxiety look like?

There are several different types of anxiety. The most common type is reactionary anxiety. This type of anxiety often occurs as a result of a situation or circumstance. For instance, speaking in public or meeting your partners parents for the first time can elicit this type of anxiety.


Another type of anxiety is generalized anxiety. This occurs when a person feels anxious regardless of what is happening around them. In this case, the body naturally sits at a higher level of arousal. It can often feel like a person drank a gallon of coffee and instead of getting a nice morning caffeine boost or afternoon pick-me-up they are left with the negative side effects; a pounding heart, a jittery body, and over-stimulated brain. These behavioral effects are coupled with excessive worry and fear about day-to-day situations.


What does Depression look like?

Depression is characterized as consistently having a depressed mood and losing interest in daily activities. This persistent sadness can lead to a loss of appetite, a lack of motivation, and an overwhelming sense of fatigue. As a result, depression can cause significant impairment to everyday life.


How does Brain Paint help?

Brain Paint helps to target brainwaves that are over or under stimulated. As a result of anxiety, the brain is over-stimulated, and the brainwaves move faster than what is needed. Brain Paint targets these over-stimulated brainwaves and helps to calm them, keep them at ease, and bring them to a more efficient level. In turn, this helps the body to regulate the nervous system so that it no longer feels frazzled and overwhelmed.


On the other hand, depression causes the brain to be under-stimulated. Brain Paint gives these brainwaves a boost and helps the brain to become more focused and attentive. It helps you leave the ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’s’ behind and focus on the ‘what is’.


The goal is to teach your brain how to find a good balance by being able to respond gracefully to situations that are out of your control. Brain Paint helps the brain move from over or under arousal due to depression, anxiety, and stress to a more neutral level. So, when stressful situations arise, the body and brain will be able to work more cohesively to keep your emotional and physical states regulated.


A more regulated state helps to lessen the tension and stress of everyday life, allowing your brainwaves to perform at an optimum level. And the better your brainwaves works, the heathier and happier your life can be.


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