We all need relationships. We all need to feel heard, cared for, and important. We also need to care for ourselves and care for others. Creating healthy relationships requires vulnerability and humility as well as strength and time. This can be a struggle for many. We will work together to grow important relationships in your life, by learning and practicing healthy ways of interacting with others.

Should I stay or should I go? Many people feel stuck with these two options. Staying in a tough marriage or filing for divorce are not your only choices. Similarly, cutting off a relationship with a relative or close friend or continuing to let them walk all over you are not your only choices.

It is my hope to help you succeed in your goals and to have healthy relationships. I have seen one person make changes that affect the relationship in dramatic ways. I am also aware that one person cannot do everything. At some point, the other person needs to put in the effort to change. There are times where the best choice may be divorce or cutting ties.

Often, well-meaning family and friends try to influence you towards what they think is best. The pressure to make a specific choice is not what you need. We will work together to explore your feelings and relationships. We will look at areas you can grow in and work towards making decisions about what direction you want to go. You will have support in whatever decision you make. We will look at all options from all angles. Once you decide what is best for you, we will move forward.

If you decide you want to end your relationship, we will work towards doing that in a healthy way. Although leaving may be the option that is needed, it is not without heartbreak and complications. We will sort through these together.

If you decide that you want to stay in your marriage or relationship, we will work on you growing as a person. We will look at new ways to understand your partner or family member and how to communicate more effectively. The efforts of just one person can cause a relationship to become healthier. Relationships work best when both people are engaged and growing, but one person can cause significant change.

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