What you think, the beliefs you have and the thoughts that run through your head, have a great impact on how you feel and behave. This is a somewhat automatic process that we often don’t consider. Learning to be aware of our thoughts and beliefs is the first step in healthy change. After becoming aware, we will begin to work on evaluating if they are true and realizing that you have the ability to change your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.

The things you put in your body or deprive your body of can have a huge impact on your mind as well. A vitamin deficiency, too much sugar, not enough protein or too little movement, just to name a few, can all have an impact on your mind.

Improving brain waves can also be an important part of treatment. Brain Paint (neurofeedback) is a scientifically proven way to improve the way you feel and function in the world by improving how your brain operates. It can be helpful for anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, and many other issues. Click here to see a full list and further explanation. I am excited to have this service as an option for my clients.

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