Integrative Counseling for Individuals
Integrative Counseling for Individuals

You often feel alone. You need support.

You rarely seem to be in a good mood and have a hard time enjoying life.

Maybe you are struggling with overwhelming feelings that you just can’t seem to overcome.

We all go through periods of anxiety or depression. Sometimes these periods do not simply pass with time. Getting the support you need can be a difficult step that takes strength and courage.

Maybe your marriage is struggling and your partner isn’t willing to go to counseling with you. Maybe you are not sure if you want to continue being in an unhealthy relationship. These times can be a lonely, frustrating, and confusing.

Maybe you are struggling physically and wonder if your physical symptoms are connected to your emotional symptoms. You’ve tried medication, maybe you’ve even tried counseling and nothing seems to help.

This is why integrative counseling is so valuable. We will work together to improve your mind, body, faith, and relationships. We will look at all areas that affect your wellbeing, not just one or two. With new knowledge, time to process, and professional support, many possibilities for growth and healing are available. Together we can improve your mood and relationships.

Often, well-meaning family and friends try to influence you towards what they think is best. The pressure to make a specific choice is not what you need. Others will tell you to, “just snap out of it” and don’t understand that it’s complicated. These people care about you but do not know how to help.

We will work together to explore your feelings, relationships, health, and faith. We will look at areas you would like to change and grow in. Once you decide what is best for you, we will move forward and you will have support in the decisions you make that are best for you.

It is my hope to help you succeed in your goals and to create health and wholeness in your life. Whether you are overwhelmed with feelings or struggling in your relationships there is hope. Reach out for support. You don’t have to feel alone.

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