Hopeless Couples
Hopeless Couples

The fighting is endless. You have tried everything. You have even tried counseling. Some of you have gone to numerous counselors and read endless books. Nothing seems to help, at least not for long. Maybe you have even stopped fighting. You just don’t talk at all. You live in the same house, but that is as far as your relationship extends.

If you are fighting, there is something passionate left in your relationship and we will work to express that passion in a heartfelt way.

If you stopped fighting and rarely speak to each other, we have even more work to do, but the fact that you are reading this shows you still care.

I am not going to pretend that we have an easy road ahead of us, but I do have hope for your relationship. I think you have at least a tiny bit too, or you would not be here.

There is a vicious pattern that your marriage is caught in and you are not able to understand it, let alone get out of it. Discussing your problems, negotiating, compromising or learning new ways to communicate are not enough.

We will work to discover why you both are acting the way you do. I will focus on understanding each of you and the pattern that your marriage is stuck in. You will begin to understand yourself and your partner better. As we begin to look way below the surface, new understanding comes, the fighting slows down and new lasting bonds will begin to develop. There is hope!