Heal Broken Relationships
Heal Broken Relationships

Many couples that are in a rough spot relationally, have been through a lot. Often there has been one or more affairs. Partners feel let down and abandoned by the other not being a support in a time of need. There can be other incidents where trust has been betrayed.

If this describes your relationship, hope and healing do not have to be illusive.

Along with the 3 stages described previously, we will address each area of hurt and betrayal. This work is often done during the second stage (Create deeper bonds and new passion).

Once the fighting has slowed down and you are able to understand your partner better, you will both be in a better place to address these hurts.

Each partner will have opportunity to express how the event affected them and learn to understand the impact and perspective of the other. You may feel like you’ve already tried this, however the process we will go through deepens your awareness of your own feelings as well as your understanding of your partner. Coming to a place of deep understanding, with remorse and forgiveness, can be very healing.

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