As a person of faith, I recognize that there are many faiths and each person is impacted differently by what they believe. I respect each person’s uniqueness and welcome people of all belief systems. Part of learning about each client and how they were shaped into the person they are today, is taking into consideration their personal beliefs.

My Christian faith is a driving force behind who I am and the work I do. My faith has taught me to value individuals, the importance of healthy relationships, and caring for our bodies. We need to be in relationship with others to thrive. We also need to nourish our bodies and our souls to be at our best. When we are whole and healthy, we are in a better place to live out the purpose God created us for.

I believe the Bible has truth that is applicable to all parts of life and relationships. Discussing how the Bible applies to your situation can be part of therapy if you request this. Each person is created with value and purpose. I would love to help you see the value in yourself and work towards embracing your faith and purpose in all areas of your life.

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