What Is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)?

All couples have disagreements and misunderstandings. If these are not handled in helpful and vulnerable ways, one or both partners end up feeling hurt. When more things come up each partner begins to tend toward protecting themselves rather than being vulnerable and sharing his or her heart. The relationship slowly becomes more distant and negative interactions can become the norm.

Feeling close to your spouse is a gift in itself. There are many other benefits from having a close healthy relationship. It can lessen the adverse effects of aging, past trauma can be dealt with better, you will be able to be more resilient and even the simple act of holding hands can help calm you in a tough situation.

When you are struggling in your relationship with your partner, there are many negative effects. Conflict can slow healing and depress the immune system. Conflict can elevate cortisol (stress hormone) levels and often causes pain.

“The definition of hell is proximity without intimacy”-Dante

We will go through a process to repair your relationship and bring you closer together again. This process has lasting results, with 70-90% of couples reporting improved relationships.

Deeper connection and renewed hope is possible!