The Art of Painting with your Brain


During this chaotic and unprecedented season of life, we all need something that allows us to breathe and take a step away from the chaos. This summer, I decided to try a new hobby and I started painting. While my paintings do not always turn out the way I would like them to, it has been an adventure and I have enjoyed learning how to create art in this way.


I have learned quite a bit about painting, including how to mix paints to create new colors, what brushes are best used for plants or large spaces, and how to fix or alter mistakes. I have also learned that paintings dry much faster when you’re not staring at them.


Overall, painting has been a wonderful hobby but at times it can be challenging. It requires a great deal of flexibility, patience, and time. These attributes are not always present in my day-to-day life, but I am learning to appreciate the process.


Like learning a new hobby, working on the betterment of ourselves and our lives can be a stretching task. In some cases, it may even seem daunting. While this may be the case, there are tools and skills we can learn to help us lean into the unknown and practice focusing on the process rather than obtaining perfection. One tool that can help us through this journey is BrainPaint.


What it is BrainPaint?

BrainPaint a neurofeedback software program that aids in the overall betterment of a person. This noninvasive therapy helps practitioners and clients receive real time feedback about their current brain processes. This feedback helps improve how a person functions by improving the way their brain operates. The BrainPaint neurofeedback system is designed to help the client recognize the state of mind that they are in and change it to better suit their needs.


How does BrainPaint work?

During a session, the technician will place sensors on the client’s head that allow them to read the client’s brainwaves. These brainwaves indicate what is firing and what may need a little more help. Since the technician is able to receive real time insight, they can relay this insight to the client, helping the client engage in self-regulation. As a result, the client is able to regulate their brain functioning and find a good balance for their life.


More than just a therapy.

However, BrainPaint is not just about wires and waves. BrainPaint allows the brain to paint its way through life. We can use the emotions, thoughts, and basic everyday functions to design beautiful pieces of artistry.


With BrainPaint, we use EEG to look at how your brain is functioning. You have sensors placed on your head and as you watch a screen your brain is measured by the EEG. While you watch the screen, your brain begins to paint on a different one. It paints the neurons that are firing and those that are not. It crafts a real-time collage of your current mental processes. These paintings allow us to decipher what color we may need more of or what color may be missing from the palette.


Maybe you’re missing some purple, a sunny yellow, or a dash of turquoise. As we go along, we continue to paint and figure out what unique mixture of colors works best for you. The new mixture allows you to think and function more effectively in your everyday life. It helps ease some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety while helping you combat the daily stresses of life.


When you are able to figure out what colors and combinations work for you then you are able to live life in a more holistically centered way. You are no longer leaving colors out of the painting or throwing the whole painting out because one tree ended up looking like a blob. Instead, you are able to take a step back, reassess, and turn that blob into a bush. Or as Bob Ross would say, look at that blob like “a happy little accident”.



So, like the great artists that came before us. Like Michelangelo, Picasso, and Van Gogh. Let us create. Let us make wonderful and timeless masterpieces that are uniquely ours. Whether that be through a paintbrush or through BrainPaint, let us create.

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Happy painting,


BrainPaint Technician


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